Hot QuickCoder UV Visible Inks now available

UV Hotrolls

Using the Hot QuickCoder system it is now possible to apply UV-marks on your products and/or packaging at very limited costs.

During production there’s sometimes a need to include markings on packaging and products that are only intended for internal purposes. For example, unobservable production codes or special brand information like anti-counterfeiting marks. Preferably these markings should be invisible so the layout and brand perception of the packaging is not disrupted.

HQC printer with UV hotrollsProvide products with an invisible fluorescent mark that will only be visable after exposed to UV light:

  • Invisible anti counterfeit markings.
  • Placing a detection point.
  • Special secondary production codes for "internal" use.
  • Invisible traceability codes.
  • Invisiblel fail-marks for throw-out purpose after inspection.


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