Marking Equipment categories

Marking Equipment categories

Trend Marking & Labelling Systems Australia offer a range of entry-level product marking machines covering manual marking as well as automated marking equipment.

Contact Marking Equipment Contact marking machines for contact ink coding

Trend’s contact coders offer an alternative to often expensive and complicated inkjet or thermal printers.

Contact coders have the advantage of the ability to be used for manual “offline” projects or be used in automatic applications, yet are a fraction of the cost of most continuous inkjets or thermal transfer printers.

Hot QuickCoders can be used to mark use-by or batch codes onto thin materials like plastic bags or cartons. Hot quick coding can also be used for printing directly onto moving or stationary products – replacing inkjets in some applications! Ink stamp coding uses liquid ink and an absorbent ink cartridge for durable printing on almost any substrate. Finally, precision imprinters are letterpress offset or direct printing systems for a low-cost method of marking almost any small component text or logos.

• Low purchase & operating cost
• Low maintenance, simple marking machines
• Manual printing or integration into production lines
• Easy installation & operation

Non-Contact Marking Machines

Non-contact marking equipmentNeed a simple non-contact inkjet printer to print information directly onto moving products – or to place a simple coloured “dot” on parts?

Trend’s non-contact ink printing range offers low-maintenance large format printing on outer cartons or shippers as well as small character printing directly onto non-porous surfaces.

Use-by or best-before dates, batch (lot) codes and serial numbers can be marked, even real-time and auto-date capable.

Even simpler – use Trend’s dot-mark units to mark a coloured “ID” dot on parts, as either an alignment mark or a pass/fail indicator.

• Low-cost simple inkjet systems
• Small or large character options
• Bracketry included for easy installation
• Print variable information directly onto parts
• Print a simple colored dot for identification

Metal Marking equipment

Metal Marking EquipmentNeed to permanently mark metal products?

Trend offers 2 types of alternatives to laser-marking machines which can be quite expensive.

Metal Etching Systems use an electrolytic or electrochemical principle to easily etch logos or text into a conductive metal surface.

Metal etch machines can be either manual or semi-automatic, although manual etching systems are better is there is a need for the equipment to be portable.

Common uses include marking sawblades, stainless-steel equipment and for surgical instrument identification.

Alternatively, Pinmark Engraving Systems are the best alternative for more automated marking in applications needing deeper marking, or where electrolytic etching is not suited.

Pin marking machines use an indenting needle, or pin to engrave a series of dots to form a line. As such, Pinmarking can engrave various materials like aluminium, steel and plastics.