Dot Peen Engraving

Dot Peen Engraving demonstration videos

Curve Marking of Round Text on a Circular Product

See video of how the MagicPin 100T easily achieved curved marking on round products.

Text, serial numbers, dates, logos on a variety of different curve diameters are all able to be pre-programmed using the WYSIWYG Pinware software - which comes as part of the MagicPin 100T pinmarking package.

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Pinmark and MagicPin Controllers

UMC "box"

The UMC box needle embosser control system is basically a UMC eco without its own on-board intelligence. It is equipped with the same motor control cards as the UMC eco.

Using your own PC or your notebook, you can use the UMC box to control our PinMark™ and MagicPin needle embossers. This way, you only obtain the most necessary features required for the optimum use of our needle embossers.

You can derive the technical prerequisites for your computer in the technical data table provided below.

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MagicPin - the budget Dot-Peen marking system

Quality Dot-peen marking without sacrificing quality

These dot peen marking systems are a low-cost alternative. What do we mean by low-cost? We simply mean that the MagicPin series has been produced with limited ability for expansion, NOT by reducing the quality of the equipment or printing result.

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MagicPin HandHeld demonstration video

MagicPin hand held programmed with UMC "box" and laptop + software

This shows the MagicPin handheld unit engraving simple text, a datamatrix barcode, fancy text and a logo. The data was programmed using the PinWare 4 software loaded onto a user-supplied PC.

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Hand Held Dot-Peen Marking Systems

A HandHeld dot peen marking system should be used if your part cannot be marked on the benchtop due to its size or weight. A lightweight marking head is positioned onto the product and then started with buttons integrated into the handle...

With our dot peen marking systems, the mark is created by vertically oscillating a carbide indenting pin, which is moved along the X and Y axes using two stepping motors.

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