HandHeld Inkjet

Handheld Inkjet Stamp

Model 970 Portable Ink-Jet machine

The jetStamp 970 is a Portable Ink-Jet Machine which operates like an electronic stamp to print text in a range of fonts as well as barcodes and logos on a variety of surfaces.
Simply program your layout on the PCSet software using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and transfer the layout to the 970. 4 separate codes can be stored and selected from the dial on the inkjet, each 13mm x 65mm in size.
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Handheld Inkjet Marker model 990

The jetStamp 990 is a small, compact Handheld Inkjet Printer that prints 1 or 2 lines of letters or numbers on a wide variety of products, including bottles, jars, cartons and pouches.

Operation is very simple. Program the code using the PCSet software and upload to the printer via bluetooth or USB cable. Select the desired code , hold the unit in place and press the inbuilt "print" button in the handle.

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