HQC for Automatic Printing Applications

The HQC units can be easily installed to print onto moving items. The HQC machines accept practically any printing signal from PLCs to electric optical sensors (photo-eyes) or a simple contact signal like a footswitch..

Installation simply involves mounting the standard bracketry into position so that the HQC printing unit is at the correct distance away from the surface of the product. This installation can be completed within minutes by even quite inexperienced handmen or handywomen.

Printing on moving products on conveyor .

With no modification to the printing unit, bracketry, controller or accessories, the HQC can be installed to print onto moving products from the top, side, bottom or at an angle - on any printing orientation! The print will be the same regardless of the products speed at the time (ie; no encoder required for variations in speed - unlike an inkjet printer).

Installation to print on a moving web.

The HQC unit can be easily mounted to print horizontally, vertically or at an angle onto a moving web of film - regardless of the direction of travel.

Super flexible standard bracketry.

The standard bracketry supplied with the unit can handle practically any application from any angle and requires only 2 mounting holes!

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