Inkjet Coders

Non-contact Inkjet Coders

Floorstand for Industrial Inkjet Printers

Floorstand for Large and Small Character inkjets Eliminates Vibration

The floor mounted pedestal stand completely eliminates conveyor induced vibration by securely mounting your GENESIS™ , ECONOJET™ or EVOLUTION™ ink jet printer directly to the floor. With its lightweight, yet stable design, the stand can be moved from one production line to another, allowing you even more flexibility. For permanent installation the tripod leveling feet are predrilled for mounting anchors.

Economical non-contact inkjet marking

Trend offers a range of economical inkjet coding systems for small and large character printing. Inkjet printing is ideal for non-contact marking of variable production information onto a variety of products.

Inkjet coding ejects drops of ink a short distance onto the product surface in dot-matrix format, printing the programmed message without contact as the product is moving.

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