Economical non-contact inkjet marking

Trend offers a range of economical inkjet coding systems for small and large character printing. Inkjet printing is ideal for non-contact marking of variable production information onto a variety of products.

Inkjet coding ejects drops of ink a short distance onto the product surface in dot-matrix format, printing the programmed message without contact as the product is moving. Therefore the product needs to be conveyed past at a relatively consistent height and speed.

Inkjet printing is used for coding a variety of information onto products or packaging as the item is conveyed past on a production line or packing machine. An inkjet prints electronically - using valves or nozzles to eject ink drops a short distance.

Messages can be fixed or variable, with automatically updating batch numbers, date coding & serial numbering - or just a plain text message. The coders can then be programmed to print a serial number, use-by date, shift code, batch or lot number, real-time or current date.

There are two main types of inkjets available depending on your marking application.

Small Character Inkjet coders

Small Character inkjet printing

Small printing from 1.5 - 3.2mm high. Suitable for printing smaller items such as pharmaceutical jars, drink bottles, small varnished cartons. Low cost alternative to continuous inkjet coders

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Large Character inkjet coders

Large Character Inkjets

Large bold prints ranging from 7.9 - 44.5 mm. Most suitable for non-contact coding of carton shippers or other large items.

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Large print on plain cartons Large Character inkjet on case-taper Pallet of stacked cartons after large character inkjet marking

Small character industrial marking closeup of inkjet coder marking bottle shoulder Products printed with small character inkjet



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