Large Character Inkjet printers


Large, clear printing

Genesis large character inkjet printers print large, clear information on outer cartons. These printers are easily installed on carton sealing equipment.

Different models available

SingleLine "PLUS"
  TwinLine Large Character inkjet
  VariLine MultiLine Large Character inkjet

The standard SingleLine is a "basic function" unit for simple applications printing one line of text in 3 different font heights.

The SingleLine "PLUS" has the unique rotating nozzle assembly to achieve smaller fonts and communications capabilities.


The TwinLine can print up to 2 different lines of text in a variety of fonts.

The TwinLine has the unique rotating nozzle assembly enabling a wide range of font heights. Communication capabilities standard


The VariLine can print both 1 line (normal and extra large), 2 different lines or with 2 lines spanning the 1 line in a variety of fonts.

The VariLine has the unique rotating nozzle assembly enabling a wide range of font heights.
Communication capabilities standard

SingleLine (standard)


Above print samples not to scale. Not all print styles have been shown

Easy inkjet installation

Compact printer which is easy to install.

The Genesis Large Character inkjets are incredibly simple to install, maintain and operate.

All printers come complete with inbuilt product sensor and adjustable mounting bracketry to make installation a simple matter of bolting the coder to the side of a conveyor or carton sealing unit.

With the optional floorstand, you can pick up the unit on one hand and instantly move it to another lin

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Removable nozzles for cleaning

Low maintenance - user serviceable!!

The LCPs feature an automatic cleaning sequence and removable nozzles. This makes the unit fully user serviceable with no requirement for service contracts.

Actual operating and running maintenance is the lowest on any inkjet we've known anywhere

Clip-in, mess free cartridge

Unique "clean hands" ink system

Genesis LCPs use pressurised sealed cannisters which simply click in to a holder with no spillage or mess.

A "low-ink" indicator (with an optional external beacon) tells you when to change cannisters.

The Genesis 500ml cannisters are the largest capacity LCP cannisters on the market and are available for both porous or non-porous applications.

Simple keypad

Simple message programming

The easy to understand keypad and menu makes it easy for any operator to program:

  • simple text messages
  • real-time
  • serial numbering
  • automatically incrementing use-by, production dates and shift codes.

Up to 50 messages and settings like print speed and direction can be stored.

The LCP - an affordable workhorse coder

An affordable workhorse coder

If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and simple to install and operate inkjet then the Genesis system is the answer for your marking application.

Dont be fooled by the low price - this unit is a real workhorse which will give many years of printing service without major headaches.

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