Etching Accessories

Metal Etching Accessories

Electrochemical Electrolyte Solutions

Electrolytes are liquid solutions used to aid the electrochemical marking process.

Electrochemical etching is often incorrectly referred to as "acid etching" - however unlike "acid etching" - electrochemical electrolytes are not caustic and will not cause harm through incidental skin contact.

Semi-Automatic Etching Systems

Semi-Automatic Etching Systems

Semi-Automatic systems are suitable for those products requiring medium to high volume part-marking. The basic system consists of a pneumatic piston, etching control unit and electrolyte dosing pump delivering the fluid to the markinghead.

The operator simply loads the part, presses a footswitch and the marking is automatically completed.

The 2 main models are the FlowEtch and the ModulMat

Manual Marking Units


Manual metal etching - the simple alternative

Manually etching with a marking head

If your product needs high-quality permanent marking, but you cannot justify the expense of a laser-marking system, or dont need a semi-automatic ething system- then the manual metal-etching systems are the ideal solution for you.

Metal etching stencils

Various types of stencils are available depending on the type of information you wish to etch onto your parts. A combination of stencils will allow you to etch both fixed and variable information - whether high-resolution company logos, compliance labels or serial-numbers and plain text.

Long-life Stencils

For frequent marking of fixed information, high-resolution logos, symbols, or text.
Stencils last 1000-3000 etchings each. Custom made to your specifications.

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