Reciprocating contact printers

Simple ink marking units for many applications

Trend's simple pneumatic stampers use rubber typesets for marking a variety of products. The reciprocating typeholder re-inks each printing movement so the printers even operate automatically.

The simple R250 unit

Broad range of applications covered

The R250 Series pneumatic stampers are currently being used in a broad range of applications including:

  • Parts and component marking for the automotive, electronic, hardware, toy and other industries
  • Corrugated cases and chip board containers
  • Rigid primary containers such as glass, metal and plastics
  • Flexible packages and wraps including paper, cellophane, cardboard, polyethylene, waxed paper and shrink film

Taking bottles offline for bottom coding

Simple installation side, top, bottom or any angle

These compact printers can easily be installed in any orientation which makes them simple to install in a variety of intermittent motion packaging equipment or automatic production lines with only some simple mounting bracketry.

The Omniprint re-inking stampers can also be used manually with the optional benchstand to mark a variety of products by hand feeding a part and pressing a footswitch.

Omniprint with the optional benchstand

R250 ink stamping unit options

  • All pneumatic
  • Bench stand
  • Interlocking print plates
  • Adhesive backed print plates
  • Prenco® type
  • Baselock® type
  • Special logos
  • Sharp-faced steel type for embossing
  • Segmented type holder
  • Adjustable time delay package
  • Single shot actuator
  • 220VAC @50-60Hz operation
  • 24VDC operation for PLC
  • Electric eye
  • Foot pedal operation
  • Absorptive ink
  • Air-drying ink

Ink, Codarc® Cartridges and Typesets

Messages are generated using rubber typesets with an interlocking base which can be inserted into an easily removed typeholder inside the R250 printers. Special characters, logos etc. are all possible.

The typeholder automatically re-inks against a Codarc® ink cartridge which can yield up to 250,000 prints. Codarc® cartridges can be re-inked multiple times and do not splash or drip. You do not need any tools to quickly change an ink cartridge.

Both absorptive and air-drying inks are available in a wide variety of colours ink specifications sheet

Technical specifications
Omniprint Technical Secifications