Surgical Instrument marking systems


Surgical Instrument Marking

Etching instruments is fast , neat and inexpensive. Trend's surgical instrument etchers can easily be used for safely marking or etching medical equipment. This asset identification technique meets the requirements of ASNZ4187.

Harbours Microorganisms. Fibres may detach. Needs regular replacing

Harbours mico-organisms
Compromises instrument strength

Minietch EU80 instrument marking package now available

Use only approved etching as per ASNZ4187.

Etchers such as the Minietch EU80 hand marker produce high quality, black markings at a depth of only a few microns, leaving no cavities offering no chance of micro organisms being harboured. The strength of often delicate medical instruments is not compromised by using the etching method.

Advantages of the Surgical instrument etching system

  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Fast setting-up times
  • High Quality marking Indelible print
  • No deformation
  • No pitting or stress points
  • Fast and efficient operation.
  • Deal with the World Leader

Why In-house instrument identification is essential

  • Improve infection control
  • Identify different department's instruments
  • Asset tracing (yes - serial numbering IS available)
  • Instrument Warranty tracking
  • Identify Hospital's instruments during repair
  • Avoid confusion of casual staff (esp specialty trays)
  • Reduce the chance of litigation by patients
  • Avoid mix-up with Doctor's own instruments
  • Avoid expensive outsourcing.
  • MiniEtch hospital pack now used by many hospitals

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