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Evolution Inkjet Printing Range

Evolution sample marking - printing plastic tubs

This video demonstrates the low-cost alternative to CIJ (Continuous Inkjet Coders) for printing onto plastic tubs. These inkjets are suitable for many applications where printing on non-absorbent surfaces is required and offers a much simpler alternative - provided the inkjet printer is properly matched to the application. Sometimes a C.I.J inkjet is just complete overkill - so these simpler little inkjet printers fill the gap perfectly.

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Floorstand for Industrial Inkjet Printers

Floorstand for Large and Small Character inkjets Eliminates Vibration

The floor mounted pedestal stand completely eliminates conveyor induced vibration by securely mounting your GENESIS™ , ECONOJET™ or EVOLUTION™ ink jet printer directly to the floor. With its lightweight, yet stable design, the stand can be moved from one production line to another, allowing you even more flexibility. For permanent installation the tripod leveling feet are predrilled for mounting anchors.

Sample inkjet coding on pine battens

Sample marking video demonstrating inkjet coding on pine battens using the Evolution-HP1 system. Later adopted by the customer and in full production with excellent success. Standard water-based ink proved suitable for printing on wood, providing excellent coding density and quality.


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Evolution-1 LX Inkjet Printers

Evolution LX1 industrial inkjet printers are a simple and affordable alternative for applications requiring a simple but low-cost inkjet printing solution.

LEXMARK thermal inkjet cartridges for superior performance

Using disposable LEXMARK cartridges means virtually no maintenance. Simple remove the spent cartridge and insert another cartridge in a matter of seconds.

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EVOLUTION-SC Small Character Inkjet Printer

Small character inkjet printing on conveyor

Small Character non-porous inkjet marking

EVOLUTION SC is a true small character ink jet printer that utilizes Hewlett Packard ink jet technology to create a budget printing system.

The ink used in this system has been formulated for use on non-porous substrates including litho-graphically printed cartons, metals, plastics and a variety of overwrap films.

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