Evolution-1 LX Inkjet Printers

Evolution LX1 industrial inkjet printers are a simple and affordable alternative for applications requiring a simple but low-cost inkjet printing solution.

LEXMARK thermal inkjet cartridges for superior performance

Using disposable LEXMARK cartridges means virtually no maintenance. Simple remove the spent cartridge and insert another cartridge in a matter of seconds.

  • Lexmark inkjet cartridgesNO valves
  • NO filters
  • NO flushing
  • NO solvents or make-up solutions
  • NO ink tubing
  • NO printhead servicing/alignment
  • NO nozzle replacements

The LX cartridge also offers better performance in some aspects over the Hewlett-Packard (HP) inkjet cartridges:

  • Lower Cost
  • Up to 20% higher yield
  • Increased print distance (up to 10mm)

The Evolution-LX1 package:

The Evolution LX1 comes complete with a universal controller (for entering information),  printhead (including inbuilt product detection) and mounting bracketry for installation onto packaging equipment.

The Evolution-LX1 printhead

LX inkjet printing head

Features solid construction using lightweight aluminium in a compact modullar design. The printhead houses the ink cartridge and is powered by 12 volts DC - so requires no electrician for installation (a low-voltage adapter is supplied with the printhead).

A product detection sensor is inbuilt into the front of the printhead, and the rear ports of the printer allow for optional external sensors, speed encoders or communication networking.

The dovetail slots on either side of the printhead allow for EVOLUTION-LX printheads to be "stitched" together so that more information can be printed. The Evolution printheads are programmed by the universal controller.


Universal Controller for all models

ANY Evolution-LX or EVOLUTION-HP unit can be programmed using the Universal Controller, a hand-held controller with a backlit display, used to access and control all the basic functions of the printhead including:

  • Changing the message
  • Print direction
  • Line speed
  • Print delay
  • Network Address & Printhead selection
    (for multiple networked printheads)

Only ONE controller is needed for multiple printheads, whether the printheads are networked together or as standalone modules. This is a great cost-saving factor, since customers can now add extra printers to achieve different tasks without needing to buy multiple complete systems - just "add-on" another printhead!

Simple Installation Bracketry

Complete system with mounting bracketry

Bracketry for the EVOLUTION controller includes both height and product width adjustments. A special printhead protection is inbuilt into the printhead bracket to allow it to be pushed out of the way if a mis-aligned product passes.

Installation simply involves drilling 2x holes with the aid of the drilling template label.

Should the installation require any custom mounting - this is easily achieved with Trend's flexible bracketry which can be easily and economically made to size to fit complicated installs.


The LX system is capable of printing a variety of standard and optional fonts - in high resolution.

Below are examples of what one printhead can achieve, using a variety of standard or optional fonts. Note that MORE fonts and font styles (other than arial) are available.

Note the above samples are not to scale. For scaled diagrams, please download or view the font sizes information sheet.

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