Pinmark Engraving systems

Point-by-point computerised marking

Pinmark Engraving systems permanently and economically mark products with a wide variety of shapes and materials - at high speeds.

Any text, figures, symbols, or logos can be reproduced. Text can be positioned at any angle, or on a curve. Pin Mark systems have been used successfully for many years in the aviation, tooling, automotive, and steel industries.

Series of connected dots form a line

Pinmarking method

The marking is created by an oscillating hardmetal indenting punch moved by a coordinating unit, having two stepper motors, in the x-y axis. During continuous operation the marking consists of a concentrated series of single dot marks producing a solid line.

Pinmarking models

There are a number of different Pinmarking models depending on the individual application. There are engraving heads for integration, handheld units and models with a base stand and height adjustable post.

Pinmark integration headHandheld pinmark unitTable mounted pinmarking unit

Different Needle Systems

To suit different applications, the Pinmark systems can be fitted with different needles or pins. For example;

PinWare 4 software

Pinware software WYSIWYGThe PinWare software allows the user to easily program in the text, numbers, graphics or barcode required.

A WYSIWYG display creates an instant preview of your marking, with the ability to import non-printing characters or logos such as the outline of the product being marked!

A variety of sequential numbering options are provided, including date and time fields.

The software also provides statistics such as the time taken to complete the mask.

A "teach-in" function means that the operator is able to physically see the position of the needle move in increments to it's starting position for the mark currently being programmed.


Print Samples

MagicPin 100T dot-peen marking system


MagicPin budget pinmarking units

These marking systems are a low-cost alternative. What do we mean by low-cost? We simply mean that the MagicPin series has been produced with limited ability for expansion, NOT by reducing the quality of the equipment or printing result.

The MagicPin systems are not expandable to include a 3rd axis rotation axle, automatic elevator axle, vehicle identification plate magazine etc.

The MagicPin systems are manufactured in Germany and are suited to industrial applications, including DATA Matrix™ codes and serial numbers as well as graphics by means of importing plotter files.

All-in-all, the MagicPin systems represent a smaller budget without getting a worse marking result or less durability.

More information on MagicPin budget dot-peen systems

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