Evolution Inkjet Systems

Evolution-1 LX Inkjet Printers

Evolution LX1 industrial inkjet printers are a simple and affordable alternative for applications requiring a simple but low-cost inkjet printing solution.

LEXMARK thermal inkjet cartridges for superior performance

Using disposable LEXMARK cartridges means virtually no maintenance. Simple remove the spent cartridge and insert another cartridge in a matter of seconds.

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EVOLUTION-SC Small Character Inkjet Printer

Small character inkjet printing on conveyor

Small Character non-porous inkjet marking

EVOLUTION SC is a true small character ink jet printer that utilizes Hewlett Packard ink jet technology to create a budget printing system.

The ink used in this system has been formulated for use on non-porous substrates including litho-graphically printed cartons, metals, plastics and a variety of overwrap films.

Printing Equipment: 
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