EVOLUTION-SC Small Character Inkjet Printer

Small character inkjet printing on conveyor

Small Character non-porous inkjet marking

EVOLUTION SC is a true small character ink jet printer that utilizes Hewlett Packard ink jet technology to create a budget printing system.

The ink used in this system has been formulated for use on non-porous substrates including litho-graphically printed cartons, metals, plastics and a variety of overwrap films.

Applications include:

  • Large printing on outer glossy cartons
  • 3mm use-by date printing on film in form-fill-seal machine
  • 6mm batch-code printing on LDPE bags passing on conveyor
  • Best Before date printing on bottles
  • Best before printing on caps (from top)

The Evolution small character inkjet printing system can print messages on 1-2 lines (Evolution-1) or 1-4 lines (Evolution-2).

Installation is simple for this small package, with a flex-mount bracket for angled printing, or a breakaway bracket to avoid mis-aligned cartons jamming the line.

Many more options are available, including additional printheads, floorstands, low-ink beacons, software upgrades (Evolution-1), external product detection and speed signal encoder wheels for variable-speed lines.

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