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Connect Dot Peen Pinmarking Engravers

Pinmark Engraving systems permanently and economically mark products with a wide variety of shapes and materials  Any text, figures, symbols, or logos can be reproduced. Text can be positioned at any angle, or on a curve. Dot Peen systems have been used successfully for many years in the aviation, tooling, automotive, and steel industries.

What is Pinmarking?

The marking is created by an oscillating hardmetal indenting punch moved by a coordinating unit, having two stepper motors, in the x-y axis. During continuous operation the marking consists of a concentrated series of single dot marks producing a solid line.

Series of connected dots form a line

Pinmarking models

The systems are available in a Handheld 30x50mm or a Handheld and Combo 60x120mm model. The smaller model is suited for lightweight, portable small markings. The

Connect Easy 30x50 Connect Easy 60x120

Easy 60

Easy 120

Combo 120


Touchscreen Controller

Connect Touchscreen Controller

A WYSIWYG display creates an instant preview of your marking, with the ability to import non-printing characters or logos. A variety of sequential numbering options are provided, including date and time fields.



Handheld operation is easy. Just hold in place and press the "print" button in the handle. With cordless, battery power and wireless connection between the controller and marking head, the operation is simple and easy.


The Connect COMBO model cabe be used as a benchtop model for small parts or nameplates/compliance tags/identification plates that are too small to be marked using the handheld fixture and instead, need to be locked into position in a repeatable jig.

However, in seconds the marking head can be removed and the unit can be used as a handheld version for those parts that are too large to fit on a table. Best of both worlds!

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Flexmark budget pinmarking units

Also from Technomark in France, the Flexmark systems are a low-cost alternative to the Connect Dot Peen systems. What do we mean by low-cost? The Flexmark Dot-Peen systems are wired, mains-powered units and so offer a low-cost alternative to the Connect Dot Peen systems.

The Flexmark systems are manufactured in France and are suited to industrial applications, including DATA Matrix™ codes and serial numbers as well as graphics. They include a wired controller with colour screen and integrated keypad.

The Flexmark Dot Peen systems are available in 30x50mm Hand-Held and 60x120mm Handheld and Combo versions. Ideal for nameplates, VIN numbers and marking on round or uneven surfaces.

More information on Flexmark budget dot-peen systems

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