Industrial Coding and Marking Systems

Trend Marking Systems Australia specialise in simple and low-cost product marking and labelling equipment. Whether you need direct printing or if you need equipment to print or label packaging, we have an industrial alternative for you.

We can cover many applications, from printing use-by dates or batch codes on packaging to etching high quality logos onto a metal product for that professional finish. Please browse through our site for a solution and feel free to contact us for further information.

Small Character Evolution Inkjets

TIJ Small Character Inkjet Marking

EVOLUTION SC is a small character ink jet printer that utilizes Hewlett Packard ink jet technology. The ink used in this system has been formulated for use on non-porous substrates like plastic or glossy cartons

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High Resolution Inkjet Coders

TIJ Industrial Inkjet Coders

Low-cost EVOLUTION-1 inkjets can be used for printing large text onto cartons, or as a small character printer with 2 lines of text! Inks are formulated for porous or non-porous substrates.

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Permanent Metal Marking

Metal Etching Systems

Electrolytic etchers are perfect for permanent marking of various conductive metals. Our metal etching systems use a unique electromarking technique & NO corrosive acid for product marking.

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Dot peen marking

Dot Peen Marking

Using an indenting pin, the dot peen machines create a series of dots, forming a line. Program the engraver to stamp text, serial-numbers, datamatrix barcodes and logos on almost any material.

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Handheld Inkjet Printer

Hand-Held Inkjet Marker

Perfect for hand marking items manually - without the requirement of a conveyor. Mark round, thin or uneven products by hand, whether paper, plastic or metal. Simlpy hold and press "print".

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990 Handheld Inkjet Coder

Handheld Inkjet Printer 990

An updated version of the tried and tested Handheld Inkjet Marker, updated with easier software and bluetooth connectivity, as well as being able to use a footswitch to trigger.

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CIJ Marker

Compact Inkjet Marker

This Compact Ink Jet is a mobile solution to printing text, barcodes graphics and dates on flat surfaces with a longer print area. Compact and flexible, this is the perfect solution for manual coding.

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Portable Inkjet Pen Printer

Portable Inkjet Pen

The portable inkjet printer pen works using inkjet technology but operates like a pen, allowing a user to "write" on a surface with consecutive serial numbers, time-stamps, date-codes or just plain text.

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Handheld Inkjet Marker "Graphic"

The new generation of handheld inkjet printer: mark multiple lines of text, graphics even barcode printing in high-resolution using fast-dry ink cartridges for porous and non-porous materials.

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jetStamp 1025 Handheld Inkjet Marking

Handheld Inkjet Printer 1025

With an even larger print size, the Handheld Inkjet Printer 1025 also has an integrated LCD screen and automatic nozzle capping and expanded nozzle capping. Print larger text and logos on various surfaces with ease

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Roller Coder contact coding

Roller Coders

Simple and low-cost, Trend's range of roller-coders can print on both porous and non-porous materials, are easy to install and operate and are suited to printing in a range of colours.

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Ink dot and spot marking

Dotmark ID Marking

A simple and low-cost inkjet marking unit for spraying a single dot or row of ink dots in various colour inks for easy visual identification on various parts. Use as a pass indicator on testing equipment.

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Hot Quickcoders printing systems

Hot Quick Coders

Hot Quickcoders can print moving or stationary products from any orientation. For product marking of plastic films, bottles, cartons, metals, glass of many shapes. Print in colours easily.

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Surgical Instrument Identification

Surgical Instrument Identification

Trend's surgical instrument etchers can easily be used for safely marking or etching medical equipment as per infection control guidelines. Simple use in hospitals, day surgeries or dental specialists.

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Letterpress offset pad printing

Precision Ink Printing

Jantech printers are an ideal solution for small parts like electronics components. These units operate like padprinting with offset pads or direct printing using paste letterpress inks.

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Reciprocating ink marking

Pneumatic Ink Marking

Simple pneumatic stampers use rubber typesets for coding a variety of products. The reciprocating typeholder re-inks each printing movement for manual and automatic applications

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Small Character Coding

GENESIS SCP Inkjet Coding

Economical small character inkjet printers. Our inkjet coders are ideal for batch numbers, production date coding or just printing one or two line text messages on products.

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Large Character Printing

GENESIS LCP Inkjet Coding

Low-cost large character inkjets for large format messages. Ideal for outer carton coding or any application requiring reliable and low maintenance ink-jet marking systems with easy installation.

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Laser / Stamping

Hotfoil / Labelling


Either by offering alternatives to these types of product marking machines, or through partnerships through Trend's business network, we can help find the best solution for Laser Marking Systems, Hotfoil Stamping Machines, or Product Labelling.

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