Dotmark ID Marking System

Identify your products with a simple coloured dot

The Dotmark is a compact, reliable and easy to install ID marking system, printing a single dot to indicate the product has undergone a process, passed/failed a test inspection, originates from a particular production line or a simple orientation/installation mark.

Compatible with variety of inks

Dotmark unit

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The Dotmark uses a printhead with a compact high speed
valve designed to run a variety of inks.

These include

  • Pigmented Inks
  • Dye-based inks
  • Methyl Ethel Keytone based ink (MEK)
  • Alcohol based ink
  • Water based ink
  • Custom inks (such as non-toxic)

Simple and easy bracketry for installation

Dotmark basic bracketry

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Ink is supplied to the printhead via the ink reservoir, pressurised using the integrated air-pump (or optionally through plant air).

The supplied mounting bracket and hardware provides a flexible solution to installation in any application.

As the machines are so lightweight - making your own custom mounting brackets to suit your own application is extremely simple.

User serviceable, reliable and low maintenance

Dot marker print samples

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The self-contained controller will operate at 110VAC and 220VAC and offers easy adjustment of dot-size, burst-rate and burst time.

The Dotmark is user-serviceable and operates with low maintenance for a cost-effective, simple and reliable ID marking alternative.

Maintenance usually involves purging the unit before a shift to flush the dried ink from the front of the nozzle, which is also an ongoing process during periods of inactivity.

Fully Featured

Different dots, different colours

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  • Prints at up to 600 dots per second
  • On non-porous or porous surfaces
  • On moving or stationary objects
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Selection of different ink colors
  • User serviceable
  • Customisable

Complete Package

Complete Dotmark package

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  • Print Head
  • Controller
  • Power Supply
  • Ink Supply System, 1Liter
  • Air pump
  • Optical Sensor Trigger
  • Mounting Equipment

Printing Modes

The Dotmark controller is able to control the printhead differently upon receiving a print signal, printing single dots, or spraying a "burst" of dots adjustable in frequency.

  • Single shot mode: produces a single dot when the unit is triggered.
    Single shot mode produces one ink spot


  • Continuous mode: produces a “line” of dots as long as the trigger is active.
    Continuous mode produces a series of spots while trigger is active


  • Burst mode: produces a line of dots that can be adjusted in length.
    Burst mode produces a times series of spots

The rate at which the dots are fired is adjustable for both the Continuous mode as well as the Burst mode.

  • Dot printing rate adjustable Lower to Higher
    Spot printing rate adjustable from a few, to many

Front panel of dotmark controllerRear of ink dot marking controllerDotmark printhead in mounting bracketPrinthead nozzle for inkjetInk and solvent container for dotmark inkjetDotmarker install on sheetmetal cutting machineYellow ink dot marked on barMarking a row of ink dots


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