QuickFit Ink Containers and accessories

A pressurised liquid delivery system

The QuickFit liquid delivery system suits a range of inks and chemicals.

Air is supplied via a compact electric air-pump, or via the popular "factory air" option. The plastic containers are pressurized at 5-15psi and deliver ink to inkjet printheads - or can be used to feed a range of other chemicals.

As all fittings are the quick release self-sealing type, changing ink types and colours or removing a container for cleaning/shaking (in the case of pigmented systems) becomes much easier.

Spare bottles can be kept for different colours or for changing from ink to solvent.

QuickFit system components

QuickFit Ink containers

QuickFit Air Feed (IX3-014)

Flexible air tubing (ID 3mm 1/8" OD 6mm 1/4") with QuickFit inline self-sealing plastic male connector

QuickFit Ink Feed (IX3-013)

Chemlite ink/chemical tubing (ID 3mm 1/8" OD 6mm 1/4") with QuickFit self-sealing plastic male connector at both ends - using chemically resistant internal seals.

Standard Printhead Assembly

Standard DOTMARK or other inkjet printhead.

QuickFit Bottle (IX3-003)

1 litre plastic container, tested to 20PSI (recommended operating range 5-15psi). Includes air inlet and ink outlet self-sealing QuickFit plastic female couplings.

QuickFit Bottle Assembly - complete (IX3-015)

Complete QuickFit assembly including air feed and ink feed tubing.

Air Filter Regulator with low pressure release safety valve

Pressure Regulator with low-pressure release

Factory Air Filter- Regulator with pressure release valve (IX2-002)

An air filter-regulator set inluding mounting bracket and guage for pressurising any non-certified (ie; low-pressure) tank.

Fitted with 6mm inlet/outlet press-lock fittings and using a pressure-release valve to prevent accidental over-pressurising the container.

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