Dot & Spot Marker

Dot Marking Systems marking Dots, spots or lines on parts with inks

QuickFit Ink Containers and accessories

A pressurised liquid delivery system

The QuickFit liquid delivery system suits a range of inks and chemicals.

Air is supplied via a compact electric air-pump, or via the popular "factory air" option. The plastic containers are pressurized at 5-15psi and deliver ink to inkjet printheads - or can be used to feed a range of other chemicals.

As all fittings are the quick release self-sealing type, changing ink types and colours or removing a container for cleaning/shaking (in the case of pigmented systems) becomes much easier.

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Multiple-Head Dotmark example

Installing multiple DOTMARK systems

The DOTMARK coloured dot spraying systems can be custom- installed into testing fixtures or assembly machines where multiple coloured dots are required to differentiate between produced parts.

In these cases, it is possible to either custom-make the mounting hardware for more convenient access, or supply the Dotmark systems at a reduced cost for the machine builder to engineer their own mounting system - usually a very simple and straightforward affair.

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Dotmark ID Marking System

Identify your products with a simple coloured dot

The Dotmark is a compact, reliable and easy to install ID marking system, printing a single dot to indicate the product has undergone a process, passed/failed a test inspection, originates from a particular production line or a simple orientation/installation mark.

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