Curve Marking of Round Text on a Circular Product

The MagicPin 100T Table Top Pin Marking Systems is a low-cost tabletop dot peen marking system which is surprisingly capable of achieving tasks that are usually the domain of higher-cost "high-end" pinmarking systems.

One example is the ability of marking text, serial numbers, dates, logos on a variety of different curve diameters, all able to be pre-programmed using the WYSIWYG Pinware software - which comes as part of the MagicPin 100T pinmarking package.

Simply adjust the various parameters required including:

  • Curve diameter
  • Text orientation
  • Font height, with and style
  • Resolution (marking speed)
  • Position within marking field

For more information have a look at: Pinmark Engraving Systems or for the Magic Pin systems please visit: MagicPin - the budget pinmarking system

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