Portable etch marking of large items

Trend's Metal Etching systems are not only suitable for etching small products, but also in a factory environment to etch products that are too large to be placed conveniently on a bench or worktable.

Typical scenario of large product etching

large stainless steel drumsA factory produces large stainless steel containers. They are manufactured, then move to the goods-outwards area awaiting branding or numbering. This often occurs in smaller batches of possibly 20 to 50.

They are too large and too heavy to be placed on a bench to be marked. Yet, they still require product identification, or a company logo.

The metal etching systems provides a portable alternative

Metal etching systems provide a means to permanently mark large items. Metal etching produces marks that are permenently embedded into the product surface, with a finish similar to - and in some cases better than laser marking systems can generate.!!!

Etched marks are safe for use in the food, pharmaceutical and surgical industries as they leave no residue and leave behind no chemicals such as ink marking might.

How an etching system would be used to mark large products

A power unit would be placed on a small mobile trolley. Etching power units are generally not much larger than a "boom-box" or portable music player (although - we're not talking about an ipod here!).

A marking head operates almost like a hand-held “ink stamp”, connected via flexible cables. One cable (red) connects to the marking head, the other to the product using an alligator clip.

The operator presses the marking head (containing the stencil and wetted with the electrolyte etching solution) onto the part, and an etch is produced in a few seconds - usually 2-5 seconds.

Metal etching large products

They are than able to progress to mark next part, simply by moving the portable trolley.

This is a simple but effective portable alternative to enable to operator to move the metal etching system to where the marking job occurs, either near where it is manufactured - or at the point of dispatch.

For more information about this portable solution, please contact Trend Product Marking Systems Australia or for some general metal etching information - please have a look at the links below: