Hot Quick-Coders Manual offline coding

HQC worktable for manually coding products

The HQC units can just as easily be used for printing offline as online. Simply by adding a footswitch to the unit you are able to use the HQC as a manual coder. An operator simply has to load a part - press the footswitch and then unload the part

Printing from the top-down is easy - but one outstanding alternative is to mount the machine underneath a table - enabling a free work area.

Simple manual worktable for offline printing

Using the standard bracketry, the HQC unit is mounted under the worktable in order for the typeholder to extend just past the tabletop. This means the bases of products can be easily marked - but also means that no height adjustment is required when printing different product sizes.

Typeholder extending through cutout

Small worktable with HQC control box, XY guides and footswitch.

Printing unit mounted underneath

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