Hot QuickCoders

Hot QuickCoder Systems. Manual and Automated contact coding systems for a variety of applications.

Hot Quick-Coders Manual offline coding

HQC worktable for manually coding products

The HQC units can just as easily be used for printing offline as online. Simply by adding a footswitch to the unit you are able to use the HQC as a manual coder. An operator simply has to load a part - press the footswitch and then unload the part

Printing from the top-down is easy - but one outstanding alternative is to mount the machine underneath a table - enabling a free work area.

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HQC for Automatic Printing Applications

Automated Hot QuickCoder installations

The HQC units can be easily installed to print onto moving items. The HQC machines accept practically any printing signal from PLCs to electric optical sensors (photo-eyes) or a simple contact signal like a footswitch. Installation bracketry is provided which should suit almost all applications.

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HQC 330ml beer bottle marking

APPLICATION: Beer Bottle sample marking

Customer required batch-coding of brown glass beer bottles. Specialty/Boutique brewery, therefore budget not extending to a more expensive inkjet printing system.

Equipment is to be installed after filling machine.

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HQC (Hot Quick-Coder) sample marking video

Hot Quick-coder manual printingAPPLICATION: Manual Printing Foil Drinking Sachets

Customer required use-by date-coding of flexible foil drinking sachets. Initially, application is to be manual printing, after manual filling and sealing, however as the new product grows more automated equipment is to be used, requiring the Hot Quick-Coder to then be installed after sealing machine seals the bottom portion of the sachet

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HQC Automotive Dot Identification marking

APPLICATION: Marking a coloured ID Dot onto Automotive parts

Customer required a simple colour-coded spot, or dot on their components, to indicate that component had undergone a particular process.

The requirement was to be able to easily and conveniently change the colour of the dot. Note that in these sample-marking videos the coding is a logo to indicate the capabilities of the Hot QuickCoder beyond that of a simple dot.

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Hot QuickCoder - manual printing or automated product coding

The Hot QuickCoders are a unique contact coding machine and can be adapted for either manual printing or automated product coding!

With it's unique ability to mark moving as well as stationary products, the Hot QuickCoder has the ability to be used in both manual and automatic applications while still offering extremely low maintenance and operating cost.

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