Portable inkjet marking serial numbers

This video showcases the ability of the portable inkjet printer to create serial numbers which automatically index every time the inbuilt button in the handle is pressed.

By simply pressing a button in the handle, the portable inkjet printer indexes the next serial number. The unit can be programmed to count up, or count down - as well as being able to start at a certain number in case you need to continue from a previous set of sequential numbering.

You can even set the unit to print the SAME number a certain amount of times before indexing to the next number - handy if a case of products all have the same serial number.

The portable inkjet printer can also be used to mark dates, timestamps or even simple text over 2 lines.

Ink is available for "glossy" non-absorbent materials such as litho printed board, metal, glass or plastic. A simple water-based ink for plain paper or uncoated board and wood is also available.

Serial numbering can be achieved on flat, rounded, uneven or thin and flimsy material, since the inkjet printing head does not need to contact the part.

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